Welcome, this is a simple index page for some weather station and ham radio stuff. Station is an Ambient Weather WS-1002 WiFi about 6 feet off the ground. Wind will be inaccurate due to trees & housing, humidity is really high as well.

I hope you find these resources helpful! -Jake, KD7NFR

Weather Console - A modern layout with lots of information. Graphs and historic data are stored in Wunderground.

Ambient Weather - Ambient's dashboard.

Weather Underground - Wunderground with camera feed.

KiwiSDR - A fun little SDR. On a random wire antenna up about 15 feet.

PSK Reporter - My FT spots from the Kiwi. It covers all 160-10m and changes bands based on the time.

NOAA GOES East - NOAA GOES satellite pictures downloading 24/7.

NOAA LEO - NOAA LEO satellite pictures decoding 24/7.

Current Earth - Quick link to the most current picture of Earth from the Goes 16 sat.

Jake's Candles - I make candles.